What is a Vein Specialist & What Do They Do?

A doctor (vein specialist) examining a patients leg

A vein specialist is a board certified doctor who specializes in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of vascular conditions.

What Do They Do?

A specialist in this field, usually called a vascular surgeon, is a doctor that is specially trained to understand the function and problems of the vascular system in the human body. These physicians order tests to determine the function inside of these structures and then prescribe medications or treatments that can assist adequate blood flow through the body.


Specialists in this field receive the same basic medical training that any other doctor receives. In some states, these physicians are legally allowed to perform procedures on the vascular system. However, a vascular surgeon receives additional formal training in diseases of the vascular system, generally 5 to 8 years of residency training. Determining if your physician is a board certified vascular surgeon will ensure that he or she has the training necessarily to deal with any problems that arise.

Who Can Benefit?

In general, older people may require the services of a vascular surgeon when their blood vessels become weak or clogged. Patients with diabetes often have poor circulation that result in vascular problems. Pregnant women may develop vascular problems because of increased pressure and fluid levels during pregnancy. People who work at sedentary jobs or who stand for long periods often require a physician to resolve vascular problems that develop. High blood pressure, high cholesterol and smoking can all cause blood vessel problems. If you have a family history of problems, you also may the same type of problems.

Common Procedures

A vein specialist typically practices in the treatment of vascular disorders, such as the treatment of spider veins, varicose veins, venous ulcers and other vascular related disorders. Some common treatment procedures a board certified vein specialist may provide are: Sclerotherapy , VeinGogh, Laser Ablation, VNUS Closure Fast and Ambulatory Microphlebectomy (vein stripping). Most procedures provided are minimally invasive and usually require little to no down time for the patient after the procedure. Most vein treatment procedures are highly effective at treating the vascular condition. Please make sure your vein specialist is certified in offering any of these treatment procedures.