Six Reasons to Treat Your Spider and Varicose Veins

Varicose vein discomfort and pain

Varicose veins can cause discomfort and
pain. Treating them would help eliminate
the discomfort.

There are modern medical treatments that are quick and easy for getting rid of your vein ulcerations, spider and varicose veins. These common problems can affect large numbers of people all over the globe. However, there are state of the art techniques on the market today without the risk of side effects and pain. The minimally invasive treatments by a phlebologist (vein doctor) include using lasers, radio frequency, ultra sounds and other advanced therapies to treat these conditions. The following are some important reasons you should consider having vein treatment:

1.) Discomfort

Varicose veins can become a swollen and painful problem to contend with. Over long periods of time, even the smallest of activities can become a chore like walking or standing. Your veins may also cause excessive scratching and discomfort which can lead to open wounds and ulcers.

2.) Medical Complications

In rare instances, varicose veins have been known to lead to blood clots or extreme bleeding upon blunt trauma to the affected areas. These risks may even have fatal consequences. Skin lesions and sores may be slow to heal because of the restricted blood flow due to the troubled veins.

3.) Causes Embarrassment

One of the main reasons most people choose to seek vein treatment therapy is because of the way they look. It can be unsightly and embarrassing to go out in public with varicose veins and spider veins. In the summer, you may find that you're the only one wearing pants instead of shorts. Vein treatment therapy gives most patients a new lease on life.

4.) Restless legs

Vein disorders are a common cause of restless legs because of the way the blood is backed up in the body. The leg circulation is then compromised, and it leads to aches, pains and severe cramping. The end result is restless legs. A venous ultrasound captures the blood flow throughout the vessels. The ankle and calf area can also take on a brownish hue because of the backed up blood flow. It can also lead to severe swelling, and a weakness in the ankle area if not remedied.

5.) Varicose Veins

The veins resemble a rope, and it signifies a sign of a malfunctioning valve. They are usually large in appearance, and they can become sore and painful if they are left untreated.

6.) Spider Veins

This form of vein resembles a spiders legs, and it can vary from a few scattered over the legs to an extensive amount that extends throughout the entire area. They are unsightly, and can cause patients cramping and discomfort.

Vein treatment therapy has a host of options in today's medical world that requires little downtime, and it is safe and efficient. To seek what procedure is right for you, contact your local treatment center to speak with a board certified Phlebologist.