Video contains footage of Dr. Kourosh Keyhani treating spider veins using sclerotherapy.

Symptoms Sclerotherapy Normally Treats:    

Leg Spider Veins Varicose Veins Facial Veins

About Sclerotherapy Treatment

Sclerotherapy is a nonsurgical treatment procedure in which our vein specialists treat spider veins, some varicose veins and facial veins directly with an injection.The purpose is to remove these unsightly veins with a FDA approved solution that irritates the lining of the vessels. This will cause the veins to close and fade away in 4-8 weeks. The solutions used in the center are FDA approved and are more advanced than the old saline solution that was painful and lead to skin ulcers.

How is Sclerotherapy Performed?

Sclerotherapy treatment is done in the office setting. Typically the sessions last anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes depending on the severity of the spider veins, and the patient is able to go back to work or daily routine immediately. The affected areas are cleaned and a very fine needle is placed directly into the vein and a FDA approved solution is inject into the blood vessel. The number of injections patients receive depends on the location and size of the spider veins.

Success and Treatment Period

Generally, most patients can expect positive results after one or more treatments. Research suggests that nearly 50 to 70 percent of spider veins can be reduced with each session. The success of the treatment relies on evaluating the source of the problem and treating the source as well as the spider veins.

Generally, spider veins will respond to sclerotherapy injections in four to eight weeks. At The Vein Specialist of Houston we combine multi modality therapy to give you the best and lasting response to your spider vein needs.

Who is a Candidate for Sclerotherapy?

Dr. Arash and Kourosh Keyhani conduct an initial consultation with patients before sclerotherapy treatments begin. This consultation is necessary to evaluate whether patients are eligible to receive sclerotherapy.

Patients who are pregnant or currently breastfeeding are not eligible for treatment. The waiting period is at least one to two months post delivery before treatments are performed. Taking birth control pills does not prohibit sclerotherapy treatment.

Are There Side Effects from Sclerotherapy?

There are a number of side effects from Sclerotherapy for patients to consider. The severity might vary based on individual results. Common side effects may include:

  • Red, raised areas near the injection sites may last for a few days after the procedure.
  • Lumpy or hardness of large veins could last for several months.
  • If iron escapes from blood and travels into the injected veins, brown lines or spots may appear on the skin. These can disappear within three to six months in most cases. A small percentage might become permanent.
  • Bruising can last for a few days or weeks near the injection site.
  • Tiny blood vessels could appear near the injection site temporarily. Known as blushing, flares or mats, these can last for a few days or weeks. These can be treated using a combination of therapy including sclerotherapy and Veingogh.