Compression Stockings Can Help Varicose Veins

Picture: Woman with compression stockings on

Compression stockings are a great device to reduce the effects of varicose veins. However, they are not necessarily a treatment. It is advised that you see your doctor to determine the cause of your varicose veins.

Information on Compression Stockings

Compression stockings work by keeping the blood moving in your legs and feet. Because the stockings are worn snugly, they do not allow blood to pool in your lower extremities.

You may be required to wear the stockings all day. It is easiest to put them on first thing in the morning before any potential swelling would occur. It is important to note that they can be difficult to put on for people who have decreased strength in their hands. Your pharmacist or doctor can recommend tools like rubber gloves to help you put them on properly. Most people take off the compression hose when going to sleep at night. The stockings are not needed when exercising. Exerting force through exercise is enough to keep the blood from pooling. In fact, wearing the stockings while exercising can actually cause issues with your body's ability to cool itself.

Other at-home treatments that can be combined with wearing compression stockings

  • Exercising
  • Elevating your legs
  • Changing positions every 30 minutes.
  • Have a healthy diet consisting of low-salt foods that are high in fiber such as fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Types of compression stockings

There are many types and brands to choose from, and most pharmacies and medical supply stores sell them. In fact, your pharmacist can help measure your legs and waist to ensure a proper fit. If the stockings do not seem to fit correctly or if the compression is not enough, your doctor can write an order for prescription-strength stockings.