Is There a Cure for Spider Veins?

Posted by Dr. Kourosh Keyhani on Thursday, February 14, 2013 1:00 PM

The answer lies in the evaluation of the spider veins. Spider veins are the red or purple veins that are seen on the surface of the skin that resemble sunburst pattern. There is usually an underlying vein that feeds into the spider veins.

To have effective treatment, the underlying vein needs to be treated otherwise there is a high reoccurrence rate.

At The Vein Specialist of Houston, we perform a complete evaluation of the underlying veins to offer you the most success in preventing reoccurrence.

Types of Therapy for Spider Veins


This is a very common and standard therapy for spider veins. A chemical is injected into the vein using a needle. The chemical closes the vein and your body removes the vein in 4-12weeks. Usually with the first session, you will notice 60-80% improvement and follow up session treat the remaining veins.

Surface Laser Treatment

The laser beam transmitted will cause spider veins to fade and eventually disappear. However, this is not recommended for all skin colors as side effects can include skin discoloration (hypo pigmentation).

At The Vein Specialist of Houston, we evaluate the skin tone and determine the best option treatment possible. This is usually combined multi therapy.

VeinGogh (Ohmic Thermolysis)

A small hair thin is inserted directly into the vein causing it to disappear immediately. This treatment is also high effective for facial veins including red veins on the nose area.

At The Vein Specialist of Houston, we offer a complete evaluation and the latest and most advance multi modality therapy to give you the best option possible in treating spider veins and preventing reoccurrence.