Diagram of how Ambulatory Microphlebectomy is performed.

Ambulatory microphlebectomy, one of many treatment options at our Houston & Katy vein clinics, is a new technique for varicose veins treatment by removal of particularly large, bulging varicose veins.

The procedure requires only very small incisions, about a millimeter long. This means less pain, faster healing, little risk of scarring, and no stitches required. The "ambulatory" refers to the fact that the patient can get up and walk after the procedure is over, and no hospital stay or long recovery time is required.

As opposed to the older vein stripping procedure, which may require general anesthesia, ambulatory microphlebectomy requires only light local anesthesia. Our vascular surgeon will make micro-incisions just above or over the vein to be treated and then carefully remove the vein from the body with a special instrument. The incisions are so small that they heal rapidly on their own. This treatment procedure is usually done in combination with VNUS Closure Fast.

What is the recovery rate, side effects and is there anything I should know about after having the procedure?

After your ambulatory microphlebectomy, you will be able to walk normally after a short recovery period. If you had anesthesia and/or a sedative for the procedure, you may need someone to drive you home. You will have to wear compression stockings or an Ace bandage on your leg for about two weeks after the procedure to help speed healing. You should also avoid vigorous exercise, but aside from that, you can continue to work and go about your life normally while recovering from the process.

Since ambulatory microphlebectomy is only minimally invasive and does not require heavy anesthesia, the risk of side effects is low. You may have bruises form on the affected area, but these should go away normally. If you notice swelling, excessive pain, numbness, or fever, please call us or a physician right away.