Video shows treatments with VeinGogh. Video courtesy of VeinGogh™

VeinGogh is typically used by our vascular surgeons as an effective spider vein treatment for spider veins that haven't responded well to vein stripping or laser treatment.

Symptoms VeinGogh Normally Treats:     Leg Spider Veins Facial Veins

How Long Does the VeinGogh Treatment Procedure Take?

The VeinGogh treatment can range from a minute to a little under a half an hour bringing minimal discomfort and irritation. Typically a patient will only need one session to see immediate results and treatment of your vascular condition.

How Does the VeinGogh Procedure Work?

During the VeinGogh treatment, an insulated needle point apparatus is inserted into the vein where a small amount of energy is delivered. The energy produces heat which causes the blood in the affected vein to coagulate. The coagulation of the blood in the vein will cause it to collapse, in which the body will then simply absorb what's left of the vein.

Are There Any Side Effects with VeinGogh?

During this procedure, the upper layers of the skin aren't affected but the patient might experience some redness after the procedure. In most cases the redness should disappear after about an hour or two.